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(Sheet) Metal components

Helical spring

Battery contact coil spring. Material is springsteel, nickel coated to protect against corrosion and to support conducting of electricity.

Custom Network Connector

Thoroughly EMI shielded to support exceptionally high data rates. Also built by means of AP2PM’s unique prototyping process, made within 5 days, ending up at the end-user in record breaking time

Battery pack Connector

This customer (Storm, Long Range Electric Motorcycle) needed more than 7500 battery pack connectors in 5 different designs. Using our manufacturing process, we delivered the order in less than 2 weeks, shaving months of the projected timeframe and generating considerable savings on the project’s budget

Leafspring with locking function

Battery contact

Shielded connector cover, fine details

Milled and Anodized aluminium

CNC Processed parts


Contact Ring

Leaf Spring

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