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Development – Design

Detailed Engineering and Drafting

• Product Design, Development & 3D Part Modeling
• Design for manufacturing
• Material selection

Product Development – Design

Whether you have only a rough idea of your design or a simple sketch, AP2PM is able to step in and aid in developing your idea into reality. Working with us ensures you of a “first time right” design. Right from the start, quality, cost price, and manufacturability are taken highly into consideration. Our manufacturing experience guarantees that the designs we make are fit for stable processing

Design for Manufacturing

When being involved in an early design stage, AP2PM’s extensive DFM knowledge will assure you to have all your requirements translated into a design with the maximum ease of manufacturing, highest quality & cost effectiveness. Next to that, a smart product design will support in bringing down tooling expenses and help increase the production yield. Packaging design will also get the attention it needs to assure part arrival in perfect condition

Material Selection

Metal parts which have to function in an electronic environment have a different set of demands as compared to parts which are restricted to a mechanical functionality. Electrical conductivity, spring function (contact force), corrosion resistance, solderability, plating choices, to name just a few, are key features in how the parts perform in their intended environment. With our experience, you are certain that the right choice will be made to come to the right level of quality, functionality and costprice

Keep it simple – Less is more

Design with ease of fabrication in mind. To minimize manufacturing cost, we select the optimal combination between material and fabrication process. Requiring a high degree of precision on parts is avoided whenever possible as this poses manufacturing challenges and increases the reject rate (yield loss), resulting in higher part production cost

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